We are equipped with the knowledge and ability to deliver a broad cross-section of services to meet your changing needs

"iDebit: End to End solution for either Acquirer and/or Issuer to enable Card-Not-Present Purchase to its existing customer"

The impressive growth of digital businesses followed by consumers’ growing interest in cross-border ecommerce and online shopping will continue to escalate the growth of the ecommerce ecosystem. To answer this challenge ALTO creates a product called iDebit to adjust the market trend.

iDebit is our best solution to perform seamless not-present-card online payment.  We believe it is the only practical payment method for online businesses that don’t have a physical store and don’t call on customers.

We offer you comprehensive features to support your needs such as Purchase Feature, Refund Feature, Direct Debit Tokenization Feature, e-Money Top-Up Feature, and Debit Transfer Feature.

card-not-present transactions often prove to be more beneficial than risky. We prepare you an established infrastructure, system, and customer service support to run your business seamlessly with iDebit

We encourage you to explore this payment method in your business through our best practices, includes the easy set-up, user friendly, and secure.

"Our disbursement Services allow you to send money in real-time to one or multiple parties"

Our disbursement Services allow you to send money in real-time to one or multiple parties. In addition to improving your customer experience with real-time payments, ALTO offers you excellent reporting and industry-leading security. We also provide you real-time payments system clearing. We offer a complete array of disbursement solutions that will help keep funds working on your behalf while helping control your administrative costs.

We can disburse not only to traditional business accounts, but also to virtual accounts. Virtual account allows an identification of bank accounts that is homogeneous in all countries and thus differs from traditional methods of identification. This identification code can be recognized anywhere in the world. We can disburse insurance claims, student refunds, loan distributions, loyalty rewards, rebates, payouts, government benefits and many other payments.

"ALTO is appointed by Bank Indonesia to ensure the implementation of domestic processing of Gerbang Pembayaran Nasional (GPN)"

GPN is issued debit card with Garuda logo on card. It is a system that integrates interbank transactions. GPN makes it easy for people to make a non-cash payment transaction using a debit card at a store or merchant. Every bank operating in Indonesia is required to adopt the GPN system.

ALTO is one of domestic network operators that is appointed by Bank Indonesia to ensure the implementation of domestic processing of Gerbang Pembayaran Nasional (GPN). ALTO supports and strengthens GPN’s debit transaction processing services, especially in terms of technical, business and compliance. ALTP provides various services to help the banking industry grow fast and comply with Bank Indonesia regulations. In addition, we also develop a system for preventing fraud and handling payment transaction disputes in the context of consumer protection.

"Billing payment can be fast and convenient with a transaction process that is reliable, secured and takes less than a minute"

ALTO offers members an extensive list of payees to make bill payment fast and convenient with a transaction process that is reliable, secure and takes less than a minute. It is a one-stop system for payment of all bills providing an interoperable and accessible bill payment service to all customers across Indonesia with certainty, reliability and safety of transactions.

ALTO has multiple modes of payment and provides instant confirmation of payment. It offers various bill collection categories like electricity, telecom, gas, water bills etc. through a single window. In future biller categories may be expanded to include insurance premium, mutual funds, school fees, institution fees, credit cards, local taxes, invoice payments, etc.

An effective mechanism for handling consumer complaints has also been put in place to support consumer regarding any bill related problems.

The transaction can be initiated through multiple payment channels like Internet, Internet Banking, Mobile, Mobile-Banking, Mobile Wallets, Kiosk, ATM, Bank Branch, Agents and Business Correspondents, that is used by ALTO’s members.

"Our remittance service has been launched in South East Asia regions and keep spreading all around the world"

We understand the need in transferring money across the world to Indonesia. Our highest priority is to create the best possible money transfer experience for immigrant communities and their families around the world. Our collaboration with the trusted institutions in digital payments, helps us meet this need with instant scale, security and reach that will help us continue to improve our service.

ALTO uses big data in conjunction with mobile technology, machine learning, and direct integrations with partner banks and cash pickup locations to calculate a specific date and time recipients can expect their money to arrive.

Our remittance service has been launched in South East Asia regions and keep spreading all around the world. ALTO enables remittances from senders in around the  world to eligible global debit cards across borders, with the goal of expanding access to other sending markets worldwide.

"ALTO real time monitoring and alert system provides you fast problem resolution before it causes you any issue"

When transaction performance lags, business suffers.  ALTO is here to manage transactions tracks, analyzes, and visualizes the status and integrity of every transaction, from end-to-end, enabling fast problem resolution before users are affected.

We have Real-time message and transaction flow visualization provides instant awareness of any emerging performance issues that can negatively impact your business.

ALTO discovers and track transactions, correlating them together in real-time across distributed systems, mainframes and corporate firewalls. We slash the frequency, duration, and impact of incidents with real-time monitoring and automated trending that eliminates false alarms and detects issues before users notice them.

ALTO’S monitoring and alert system works immediately when problems do occur, instantly uncover the root-cause of problems with tracking that provides the visibility and detail necessary to begin immediate remediation.

"ALTO Card Management Solution and Services will help efficiently manage all critical stages of Card Life cycle Management"

Cards now streamline payments and enable transactions in new areas. They enable toll, parking and routine purchase payments, enable multi-modal transport across the nation, ensure customer fidelity through Loyalty and Reward Cards, Pre-paid Gift Cards, Smart Cards for health facilities, gyms, Insurance etc.

Be a part of the growth story as card adoption shoots up and card issuance, recharges and card switching become a routine part of citizen and customer services.

We Integrate hardware, administration and maintenance costs of your card operations across multiple business lines and cut total cost of ownership. Ensure your bank benefits from the growing potential of digital payments and the diversified payment options available, by offering a payment-hub with card management a key piece of your strategy. Our expertise and experience in integration services will help your bank develop this integrated, all-encompassing payment-hub, which your partners can bank upon to offer diverse card and payment offerings.

"We are partnering with a leading fraud detection software provider to enhance your security of your business"

Our detection system prevents and mitigates even the most difficult-to-catch fraud with a powerful, scalable, end-to-end platform, so you can focus on increasing merchant satisfaction. Hold all the cards with ALTO’s integrated services solution to set up a robust, automated fraud detection and defense system, which hardens your operations against evolving fraud threats.

We commit to deliver you the benefit from our proficiency in integrating best-of-breed Risk and Fraud solution with all your existing Payment channels and applications. Our long experience in uncovering gaps, applying best practices and technologies to protect banks from card fraud and insecure transactions will ease your burden.

"ALTO is ready to streamline your ATM channel outsourcing from site selection planning to execution services"

We are the forefront of ATM management technology and offers best-in-class, regulatory compliant, cost-effective service to our customers. By outsourcing ATM operations, institutions can streamline their own processes while better serving consumers, with better uptime and at a lower cost.

In providing ATM Switching, we have switch technology and gateway services make for smoother, more secure transactions. In addition to ATM switching, we manage transaction processing at the ATM level with our state-of-the-art multivendor software technology. We undertake full responsibility of the ATM from monitoring to maintenance and availability services. We also oversee cash management, forecasting and dispatching.

Our members rely on our expertise and experience to build scalable ATM networks and to improve operational efficiency through continuous online monitoring of vital indicators. They bank on us to provide industry best practices, benefits of latest technologies and competitive advantage for their ATM banking channel.

"Our growing number of independent and branded ATMs gives banks an attractive solution to increase their footprint and better service to their customers"

ALTO deploys and operates branded ATMs across Indonesia, making cash accessible to consumers on a 24/7 basis in convenient high traffic locations, such as Airports, Shopping Malls and City Centers. ALTO is a top ATM service provider and management company that offers a full range of ATM products, software and services to fit any need. We provide cost-efficient merchant-fill ATMs to deliver convenience for your customers.

Our growing number of independent and branded ATMs gives banks an attractive solution to increase their footprint and better service to their customers through custom-built ATM Network. This service is offered independently or in combination with our ATM Outsourcing Services offerings. With ALTO’s extensive network and operations expertise, we offer an ideal partnership for consolidating ATM networks in Indonesia.

"We navigate you through stringent security and compliance requirements and complex operational of Electronic Data Capture (EDC)"

Recognizing ALTO’s pioneering work for the Indonesian’s banking industry, banks seek us out to navigate through stringent security and compliance requirements and complex operational demands. One of the demands is EDC outsourcing service.

We provide EDC hardware rental/sell include managed services to make sure EDC can be used properly. Our EDC service management is supported by our business unit that includes corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance, roll out, standby engineer, asset management, etc.

"ALTO’s expertise of managing more than 33.000 EDC service in Indonesia, brings complete synergy to our trusted label provider partner in providing white label service for EDC"

Many Indonesian banks rely on our considerable experience and expertise in the banking Industry and in the digital payments domain to navigate through stringent security and compliance requirements and complex operational demands, while they focus on growing their business.

We provide EDC multibank that can directly switch the transaction to participated bank. Our service management also included in this solution with settlement report to accommodate reporting to banks. This responsibility, of bringing a wide variety of banking and financial services closer to a larger swathe of the population, is also a nod at ALTOs’ pioneering work for banking industry in Indonesia.

"With QRIS, we help you to integrate multiple QR code payment solutions into one single QR code"

QR code system is made for cashless payment processing at every point of sale, we offer a wide range of latest generation industry-specific solution to support this system, that comply with Indonesian regulation standard. QRIS is a single QR code that combines multiple e-payment solutions into one. Under the QRIS label, all QR payment options accepted by the merchant will be shown.

With QRIS, it helps to integrate multiple QR code payment solutions into one single QR code, saving space for your store front while adopting a wide range of mobile payment modes for local and oversea consumers.

ALTO is a one-stop QR code payment solution provider, offering a wide range of QR code payment for businesses such as Gopay, OVO, many more, as well as value-added services from data analytics to settlement management. ALTOs’ all-in-one QR code payment management solution help merchants adopt a wide range of payment solutions within short term period of processing.

"We make online billing and payment processing easy across all options, for every generation and situation"

Electronic Bill Invoicing Presentment & Payment (EBIPP) is a service to simplify the port service users to make bill payments invoicing through electronic channels that are integrated with the Billing system. ALTO has provided payment channels via ATM, Internet Banking, Teller, Auto collection (Autodebet), EDC Close Payment at this time.

We make online billing and payment processing easy across all options, for every generation and situation. Consumers can now choose simple mobile and web payment, without giving up the option of walk-in or call center payments. With ALTOs’ solutions, Electronic Bill Invoicing Presentment and Payment stretch beyond the consumer’s screen. No matter how they decide to make their payment, the experience will be easy.

ALTOs core e-services offering, Electronic Bill Invoicing Presentment and Payment (EBIPP), is based on technology and processes proven over years and offers clients superbly enhanced revenue collection and customer interaction. Unlike third party collection agencies or payment service providers, ALTO offers a complete system with real time payment directly into the Billers bank account – no holding accounts, no delays and no reconciliation errors.

"End-to-end solution that covers the full range of services needed to complete the transaction lifecycle"

ALTO has provided banks with a crucial link between multiple customer touch points and back office systems, enabling them to provide multiple self-service channels and value-added services. Our payment switch services seamlessly integrates a bank’s network with ATM network, improving interoperability and reach of services across the financial sector, while lowering operating costs.

Our payment switching service manages direct integrations with payment providers. It supports and manages routing of authorization requests to major national and international networks and card acceptance channels: ATMs, POS, Internet and mobile devices. It enables dependable, complex transaction processing through a fully integrated, end-to-end solution that covers the full range of services needed to complete the transaction lifecycle. Our high-end payment switching service infrastructure is integrated with new generation payment channels and supports multiple institutions, geographies, currencies across ATM, POS, E-Commerce, Mobile, Financial Inclusion etc.

ALTO provides comprehensive services - development and support, project management, implementation and helpdesk services to large number of clients globally. Our payment switching service plays a crucial role in enabling efficient and agile payment services, enhancing customer experience and improving operational efficiencies. It is thus imperative for banks to carefully evaluate their existing switch capabilities and migrate to next-generation payment services.

"The best option for banks today is sharing the service and infrastructure for a small fee."

It is a service that provides shared ATM network between multiple Banks, with the idea that all the transactions from member banks are treated like on-us transactions.

ALTO provides network of ATMs wherein a cardholder of any of the participating bank can carry out specified transaction at any of the ATMs connected to the network. In the coming years, the cost of investments on ATM terminals will be on the rise, and at the same time, transaction volumes per ATM will fall with an increasing number of ATMs. Thus, the best option for banks today, is to share the service and infrastructure for a small fee.

ALTO implies independent network of ATMs, shared between the banks, with ATMs installed on most attractive locations. All the Banks customers, members of the ALTO network, can use various services, such as balance inquiries, withdrawals, money transfer, billing payment, and transfer to virtual accounts.