Using QR Payment Safely: Three Easy Steps to Protect Your Online Banking Data Information

By Anita Ratnaningsih | Oct 26 2020 23:26

We now live in the thriving digital era, where convenience and ease are the keys to win the future. This concept is also applicable in the sector of transaction and digital payment. But to make it work, we need one more key aspect to apply, which is security. Collectively, these three keys are crucially necessary to bring the traditional banking into the ease of digital landscape.

QRIS, Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard, is one of the easiest digital payment schemes. Customer only needs a smartphone app to make payments, while merchants will have QRIS displayed at their checkout counter to accept payments. 

As easy as it sounds, we also need to be aware of the fraudsters out there. There are three basic rules that we need to adhere in the implementation of QR payment:

1. Keep your personal data confidential. Any personal data needs to be kept in private, hence your identity stays as safely protected as possible. It is very important to safeguard your data security to prevent a misuse by any third parties for fraud, such as phishing scams and identity theft.

2. Do not share your personal data. Keeping your data is indeed confidential; but most importantly, do not ever share your personal data, such as username, password, Personal Identification Number (PIN), and One Time Password (OTP) with anyone. Fraudsters can steal your banking information and conduct an unauthorized banking activity such as making fund withdrawals, purchases, and transfers. Although financial data are encrypted, there are precautionary steps that you still have to take in your protecting your money, as safest as possible.

3. Be cautiously aware of every transaction you make. If you detect any signs of data compromise or evidence of fraud in your transaction, report your case immediately to the customer center to dispute those unauthorized or suspicious activities. They will help you identify the problems and proceed to take any lawful, immediate actions to protect you from further damages.

ALTO integrates convenience, ease, and security in any QRIS transaction process by utilizing our advanced system and sophisticated technology. We are here to drive the modernization of the QRIS payment system and ensure that all customers are able to safely and seamlessly experience the journey in satisfaction. We value your trust in the highest manner by consistently putting the utmost importance in your data protection and establishing a safe digital experience for you.

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