ALTO in Responding COVID 19 Pandemic

By Anita Ratnaningsih | Oct 15 2020 23:15

The pandemic of Covid 19 effects the world in so many different ways. ALTO addresses the outbreak as a current issue that should be treated very seriously, and we understand that we need to take part in overcoming the impact towards our employees, our members and partners and also the community.

Central Bank of Indonesia released an official Letter No. 22/3/DpG-DKSP/Srt/B. Related to Central Bank of Indonesia’s supports to government actions to anticipate COVID-19 outbreak, ALTO, as a Payment System Service Provider, is listed as an exemption to enable continuity of critical payment service processing (in alignment with Paragraph 3 Article 13 Permenkes No.9 of 2020).

In responding this urge, ALTO commits to put safety and health of the employees, the members and partners, and also the community as top priority. 

Below is the commitment ALTO had taken in responding the pandemic of Covid 19, stated on the Letter from our CEO. Those policies are;

  1. We apply policy of Working From Home (WFH) for nonoperational working activities since March 27, 2020 to now, April 15, 2020 as the article released.
  2. ALTO pays attention to the smooth operation activities by implementing split operations without reducing services to members and partners.
  3. ALTO imposes restrictions on visits by third parties to ALTO’s office areas since March 20, 2020.
  4. Direct meeting activities both internally or externally, will be transferred into virtual meetings through electronics media such as conference calls or video calls.
  5. ALTO will review the above provisions and adjust them to the latest conditions based on an advice from the government of the Republic of Indonesia

ALTO is also implementing some internal procedures in prevention and counter measurement of Covid 19, such as socializing Covid 19 prevention to all the employees, practicing deep hygiene rules for the employees and working environment, providing sanitizer and office disinfectant regularly, and maximizing the virtual connection between Management and employees to ensure that everyone is in good health and positive mind during this pandemic.

ALTO also applies Business Continuity Plan to minimize the economy effect for the business and company. ALTO ensures that our service to our members will be in the same quality and the delivery to all the customers and community will also managed in best practices.

We will continue supporting the Government in facing the issues and impact of the Covid 19 pandemic.

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